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fjcc at home -- together

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Flemington Jewish Community Center has transitioned to online for all services, CENTER SERIES events and educational opportunities.  Please stay home and stay well!

Below are a variety of #FJCCathome gatherings.  For each service, a Zoom meeting number is listed.  For each CENTER SERIES event, you must register to get the Zoom meeting ID and password.  For the community events, click the link for more information.

FJCC Services Online

kabbalat shabbat

We welcome the Sabbath with a service Friday at 7:30

ZOOM #86278918233

torah service

As a continuation of the Friday ZOOM link, our Saturday morning service is held at 9:15 AM


The congregation gets together every  Saturday evening for Havdalah at about 8:30

ZOOM #89460837700

sunday minyan

The congregation gets together each Sunday for minyan at 9:00 AM

Zoom #82266792145

torah study

On Mondays at 1:00 PM, Rabbi leads a chat on the weekly Torah portion.

ZOOM #87814118387

rabbi's adult education

Each Thursday at 11:00 AM is an adult class on a variety of topics.

ZOOM #87238364470


chair yoga

Join this fun class about 10 minutes before it starts every Tuesday at 11:00 AM

ZOOM #922712245

adult hebrew

On Mondays, we have a beginner Hebrew reading class for adults at 4:30 PM.

ZOOM #85410863714


There's an opportunity to connect, just to check in, every Tuesday at 5:00

ZOOM #73512153132


Every Wednesday, again we welcome you to connect with other community members at 2:00.

ZOOM #492284361

book club

Our book club will meet every other month on the third Monday at 7:00 PM.

ZOOM #84013281212

yoga for all

Keep moving!  Join this class, run by Karen Walsh.  Log in about 10 minutes before the class starts at 11:00 AM on Tuesdays.

ZOOM #424596815

Community Events Online

philadelphia orchestra

Are you craving some at-home entertainment.  Go to www.philorch.org

92nd st y

The 92nd St Y in New York runs many fascinating programs online for free.  Go to www.92y.org



Hillel@home has a host of activities for young adults.  For more information go to


jewish federation

The Jewish Federation of Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren invites you to participate at


jerusalem tour

From the comfort of your home, take a tour of ancient Jerusalem.  Go to cityofdavid.org

princeton museum

For an 8-week drawing class at the Princeton Museum of Art, artmuseum.princeton.edu

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