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The Men's Club needs you!  Help brainstorm program ideas for 2020-2021.  Some suggestions include:  lox tasting, ski trip, outing to a baseball game, wine tasting, as conditions allow.

hiking club

In decent weather, the Men's Club holds local hikes of varying degrees of difficulty.  If you have a favorite route, you can lead the next outing.


cooking demonstration

Our Men's Club cooking demonstration, with chef Bryan Kamich, was a huge success!

sangria and bbq

To celebrate the end of summer, we gathered for a delicious meal prepared by the Men's Club and Sisterhood.  Which was the best part -- the BBQ, the sangria, the outdoor games or the company?

Thank You!

Here's a look back on a few of the great events from 2019 and who hosted them:

Poker Games (Alan Hylton and Phil Stern)

NFL Fantasy League (Adam Wolf)

Indoor and Outdoor Golf (Glenn Gabai)

Gun Range Shooting Course (James Bellamy)

Superbowl Cooking Demonstration (Bruce and Bryan Kamich)

BBQ and Sangria Night (Sisterhood and Neal Wolff)

Hiking Club (Alan Radzin and Dein Shapiro)

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