The Flemington Jewish Community Center appreciates your donations to any of the following funds:

  • General Fund
    The General Fund accepts donations that are used to help maintain the synagogue in a variety of ways:
    funds help offset membership costs so that we can offer reduced membership fees, donations make it possible to bring extraordinary artists/speakers/programs to our community, contributions help offset costs of special projects like converting to eco-friendly lighting in the building, and support is welcome to add adornments to our Torahs and sanctuary.

  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
    The FJCC maintains a special fund, managed by Rabbi Cohen, that is used for philanthropic purposes and dispensed at the discretion of the rabbi.

  • Hebrew School

  • Prayer Book Fund
    The FJCC started a fund drive to replace the High Holy Day Machzor or prayerbook. Please consider a donation in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion and an engraved nameplate will be placed in the front of the prayerbook. We also maintain a fund used to replenish the supply of siddurim and chumashim for Shabbat.

  • Sunshine Fund

  • Shabbat Sponsorship Fund
    We welcome direct sponsorship of an oneg or kiddush in honor of a special event or as a generous gesture. On those occasions, please contact the office to make the necessary arrangements. We also accept general contributions to the Shabbat Sponsorship Fund which help defray the costs of meals not directly sponsored by a congregant.

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