Our Service

At the Flemington Jewish Community Center (FJCC), we don’t just “do Judaism at you.” Instead, we encourage participation by congregants in our services.  Adults and teenagers frequently play these roles in the service:

∙         Lifting or tying the Torah scroll

∙         Taking an aliyah at the Torah reading

∙         Leading the Kiddush blessings

∙         Leading part of the service

∙         Reading from the Torah

∙         Chanting the haftarah

∙         Giving a d'var Torah (a talk related to the weekly portion)

∙         Commenting in response to the d'var Torah or the rabbi’s sermon

 Children are encouraged to lead selected parts of the Friday evening service and the closing parts of the Saturday morning service.

The FJCC is an egalitarian, Conservative congregation.  We currently use the Sim Shalom siddur and Etz Hayim text of Torah readings.  For help with the Hebrew parts of the service, transliterations are available, and all Hebrew texts come with line-by-line translations. No knowledge of Hebrew is required for you to participate in the discussion of the Torah portion.  Our rabbi and ritual committee are eager to help you learn how to play whatever active role interests you.



Schedule of Services

Friday - 7:30 pm
Saturday - 9:15 am
Sunday - 9:00 am
Weekday Minyan - Upon Request

Torah Portion

Torah portion for February 16, 2019



Candle Lighting

Shabbat Oneg/Kiddush Sponsorship

Oneg Shabbat is an informal gathering to celebrate the joy of Shabbat on Friday evening.
Kiddush means sanctification.  On Saturday morning, the Kiddush is a chance to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, remember a loved one or honor a special event or person. 
Enjoy Shabbat with your friends and FJCC family after Friday night or Saturday morning services. 

There are many opportunities to sponsor an Oneg Shabbat or Kiddush in the coming weeks:

  • Oneg - Friday - February 15
  • Kiddush - Saturday - February 16


Cater it, prepare it, or we'll do the work for you.  
Call the office at 908.782.6410 

The Holidays

Tu B'Shevat

1. When is Tu B'Shevat?
2. What does Tu B'Shevat mean?
3. Why do we celebrate Tu B'Shevat?
4. How do we commonly celebrate Tu B'Shevat?
5. What do we eat on Tu B'Shevat?