Adult Education

Rabbi Malki's Adult Education Class

The Rabbi's adult education program takes place every Thursday at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM in the FJCC Library.  The topics for the evening class are determined cooperatively with the attendees and the Rabbi.  At the morning class, the topics will include:

11) Revealing the Unknown
12) "Judaism" or "Judaisms"?
13) Sectarianism- Pharisees and Sadducees
14) Out the Caves-Discovery of Qumran
15) The End of the Days-Messianic Eschatology
16) Judaism in the Hellenistic World
17) Changing God's Address-Temple to Synagogue
18) Rome Arrives to Jerusalem
19) Parting with the Temple
20) From Jerusalem to Yavne-Rabbinic Judaism
21) The Shaping of Rabbinic Judaism
22) A violent Epilogue-Bar-Kokhba
23) From "Roots" to "Tree"

You are welcome to suggest new and different topics, or present a topic yourself.  Please let Rabbi Malki know in advance.


Learning To Participate in Shabbat Services

Learning Shabbat services does not end at the Bat/Bar Mitzvah party.  Learn to lead Shabbat Services and more at your own pace.  We have available recordings of the Ma'ariv service by our own Julia Sirota.  They can be found at:

You may find other recordings of Shabbat Services. The Rabbi suggests Rabbi Zimmerman's online recording:

To learn the parashah/Torah reading and chanting the haftarah, he suggests the following free apps:

for trope use:  Tropes Lite
for Torah readings/leyning use: Pocket Torah
for chanting the haftarah use: Pocket Haftarah

These recordings do not substitute for attending Hebrew School nor do they substitute for tutoring program. They are intended to supplement and help your at-home review and practice.