Youth Programs



At the Flemington Jewish Community Center (FJCC), Young Judaea members have fun exploring all facets of Jewish culture, developing a cohesive bond with their peers and learning to be leaders.  They participate in youth-led services, social action projects and social activities. The age levels of the groups are Ofarim (Hebrew for "fawns;" grades 2-5), Tsofim ("scouts," grades 6–7), and Bogrim ("elders," grades 8–12).

Founded in 1909, Young Judaea is a peer-led youth movement.  Its programs include youth clubs, conventions, camps and Israel programs, with an emphasis on social action and Jewish identity.  All Young Judaea programs are centered around the movement's ideology. The charter of the organization, officially titled "Yehudah Hatzair Leumi Chukah," outlines the ideology and goals of the organization. Its main points include:

  • Young Judaea is a politically non-partisan and religiously pluralistic organization.
  • Young Judaea is a Zionist youth movement and recognizes the State of Israel as a central part of Jewish life and encourages visiting Israel.
  • As a Jewish youth movement, Young Judea stresses Jewish values, Jewish education, and the preservation of the identity of the Jewish people.
  • Social action is a part of both our Jewish and Zionist identities and as such Young Judea works to help Jews and others in need both local and worldwide.
  • A cohesive community can be built regardless of religious and political affiliations.

YJ is back!!

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