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New food video series launched in Israel

The new series is called Tayim, after the Hebrew word for tasty, and in just one minute you can learn how to make some classic Israeli dishes.

Here is a perfect seasonal recipe for traditional Chanukah jelly donuts to help you celebrate the eight nights of festivities.


Chanukah just isn't Chanukah without donuts.
Inspire your taste buds with these wildly imaginative flavors of sufganiyot from Israeli bakeries.

Each year, Israeli bakeries just keep getting crazier and crazier. With their creatively delicious fillings, toppings, garnishes and extras, sufganiyot are now meant to be the most decadent treat you’ll eat all year.

Below are bakeries producing some of Israel’s most exciting sufganiyot, and Israel 21C's favorites among the zany flavor combinations they’re making this Hanukkah.

Roladin’s Royal Lindt sufganiyot. Photo by Nicky Blackburn


Shemo Bakery sufganiyot. Photo by Jessica Halfin


Sufganiyot from Shany's Bakery in Haifa and Ramat Gan. Photo by Jessica Halfin


Lehamim Bakery sufganiyot in classic flavors. Photo by Daniel Layla