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Here are a few learning tools you may use to review Shabbat services, Torah reading and chanting Haftarah.  These internet sources are meant for helpful review at home, and not as a substitute for Hebrew School or tutoring.  For anyone that would like assistance in learning, contact Rabbi Cohen at 908-782-6410.
Blessing before and after Torah reading on YouTube
 Blessing before the Haftarah on YouTube (male voice)
Blessing after the Haftarah on YouTube (male voice)
-Blessing before and after Haftarah on YouTube (female voice)
Parshah and Haftarah
Haftarah and Trope
Trope of the Torah, Haftarah, Megillot and special tropes for the High Holidays
Haftarah tropes:
To learn at a slower pace
Taking out the Sefer Torah
Returning the Sefer Torah and Mizmor le-David
U-vnuho and Etz-Hayim


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