About the FJCC  
Founded by Jewish farmers and businessmen in the early
1900’s and, officially incorporated in 1924, the Flemington
Jewish Community Center (FJCC) provides the Jewish
community of Hunterdon County with religious, educational,
and social programs.  The history of the synagogue echoes
Jewish immigration during the 1900’s and growth of the
Hunterdon County community.

The FJCC is led spiritually by Interim Rabbi Malki and
managed by the Board of Directors.

Click here for the current FJCC Constitution.
Interim Rabbi Malki
Spiritual Leader
Interim Rabbi Malki

Mindy Engle-Friedman

Vice Presidents  
1st VP -  Mitch Clarin
2nd VP - Reena Kamins
3rd VP -  Bruce Moskovitz   

Jonathan Weitz

Laurence Shatkin

Immediate Past President  
Jeffrey Doshna

Elected Trustees
Jerry Atlas
Scott Byne
Jim Fox  
Richard Frank           
Judy Gold
Marsha Goldstein
Alan Hylton    
Marvin Jacobson
Nathan Lefkow
Jonathan Nemeth
Ronald Ort
Alan Radzin
Sharon Rednor

Lifetime Trustees
Jack Forman
Daniel Gross
Zel Gerstein
Ed Mehrlust
Howard Nifoussi
Phil Stern
Larry Wissner
Michael Wolf
Ruth Wolf

Sisterhood President
Reena Gold Kamins

Nursery School President
Debra Farber

Scott Byne

Bulletin Editor
Flo Newrock
Board Members